Multi-device Development

Optimized site based on usage scenes with business strategy.

Multi-device X Information Architecture

The widespread use of smartphone and tablet has been changing our daily scenes of internet utilization.

On the other hand, it is also true that unoptimized internet sites haven't caught up with the motion of mobile users.

TAMSAN constructs mobile support sites with production flow along the idea of "Mobile First " through the perspective of smart phone and tablet users.

Multi-device Optimization Solution

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design refers to the switching of the layout based on the width of the window. The window size and display resolution are obtained using a module called 'media query' implemented in CSS3.
*TAMSAN official website also makes use of Responsive Web Design. The layout will change, either narrowing or shrinking depending on the width of the browser.

The following points must be considered when implementing Responsive Web Design
・Flexible grid-based screen design
・Close consideration of data capacity
・Clarification of the priority of elements on the screen
・Defining the width of the screen at which to switch
If anything, using content and screen design which has been designed for mobile users as a base and expanding it to suit PC users could be said to display a higher compatibility.

Case: Corporate site Employment site Campaign site Product site ...etc.


CMS development for Multi-device Design

・Common information is not centralized, and any updates require editing to be done 3 times.
・Although there are services that convert PC websites for viewing on smartphones, the converted websites are difficult to read, and do not meet users' needs.

Adopting Multi-Device CMS will result in the following benefits:

・One-Source, Multi-Use
The PC and Mobile websites will not display different information, and other mistakes can be reduced.

・Optimized Templates for each Device
Information will be presented to the user in an easy to read manner because each device will present the shared information using a template that has been optimized for it. In addition, because there is no need to make the websites uniform, it is possible to present dedicated smartphone information to such devices.

At TAMSAN, an appropriate CMS proposal (can be developed in-house) is made with consideration to the scale of the website, access conditions, range and frequency of information updates.

Furthermore, the documentation of the update flow is customized to the client's internal workflow administration screen, which enables thorough support for operations even after CMS has been implemented.

Case: Corporate site eCommerce site Product site ...etc.


In TAMSAN's Development Style

Context Scenario/UI Design

With native staffs, in TAMSAN smartphone and table website building process, after the initial hearing, the user flow is determined.

This includes information such as when, in what circumstances, for what purpose a user visits a website, the information that they obtain, and what they do afterwards.

In this manner, while the users' action flow is being determined, based on the client's marketing strategy, the goals, strategies, tactics and content structure of the website are determined (sharing marketing strategy).


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