Campaign Platform
Launch Your Campaign as Little as One Month

We provide support for speedy implementation of marketing plans after formulating a strategy.

Speed is Essential for Marketing in Asian Markets

In order to target rapidly-changing Asian markets, an appropriate strategy is of paramount importance. Even more important, however, is how quickly you can implement your strategy.
In most markets, new products and services bubble into existence one after the other, while lifestyles and the economy are changing at a dizzying pace. Focusing too much on strategy and delaying implementation misplaces the true priorities—planned strategies are not immune to change.
It is essential to implement measures and verify hypotheses promptly after formulating a strategy. By implementing specific measures, data can be collected, and unexpected information is also likely to come to light.

To Attain Speedy Implementation of Marketing Measure and High-speed PDCA

TAMSAN delivers results in developing campaign sites targeting Asian countries and campaign platforms that leverage our knowhow in CRM planning and operational support.
We can customize according to each client’s business needs, and we emphasize CRM planning that matches their specific characteristics.
For these reasons, we are not a low-cost monthly subscription-type service, and neither can one start by making simple configurations, but it is possible to launch a new campaign in as little as one month.
We believe that our planning services, leveraging the knowhow we’ve built up through past projects, make the optimal platform for companies implementing large scale and ongoing campaigns in Singapore and Asian countries.



Marketing Objective Coordination and Data Strategy Planning

After a project background interview, we’ll carry out data analysis and segmentation for existing customers, then setting optimal marketing objectives and formulating strategies based on targeting and brand-positioning analysis.

Data Strategy
CRM and System Planning Geared towards Data Management

What kind of data should you collect, and how should you put it to use?。The data that we target is not limited to participant input data, but instead spans everything from cookie data from advertisement postings, access and online magazine distribution, to advertising performance.
After determining the importance of data categories and planning for the management of data once it has been gathered, it is essential to plan for overall system data management, including CRM planning.
At TAMSAN, we’ll create an optimal data strategy plan from scratch to attain your campaign goals while anticipating the post-launch stages of your campaign.

Formulation of Marketing KPIs

Whether your project’s purpose is to expand brand awareness or to enhance existing-customer loyalty, in all phases of marketing, it’s necessary to gauge the performance of marketing activities by appropriate indicators and metrics.
Both having too many indicators and having too few indicators can be problematic. We carry out planning for formulation of simple indicators and rules suited to your project’s purposes.

Platforms for Speedy Launch and High-Speed PDCA

When planning has completed and campaign strategy has been finalized, all that’s left is to carry out production and development and launch your campaign.
When you choose to use a campaign platform, in parallel with production and development, we can rapidly complete site construction optimized for speed on mobile devices and ensuring a secure environment to then launch your marketing plan.


Member information integration...etc.

Our base programs for providing participants with unique incentives and functions such as coordination with existing customer databases have already been developed.

Salesforce/Kintone Implementation

These plans can let you easily coordinate with Sales Cloud by Salesforce, or Kintone. You can securely manage participant data and distributed coupons.

Website's Performance Optimization

We optimize site display speed by using Minify source code, HTTP/2, CDN and the like, as well as by adopting PHP7 environments.

Scalability and Performance Management

We build environments that can scale up server specs automatically depending on access conditions, as well as system environments that let you receive alerts and take action when site performance is low.

WAF Solutions | DDoS Attack Solutions

By using a cloud-type WAF, we protect campaign sites from distributed denial-of-service attacks and other threats.

Test & Live environments

We’ve outfitted an environment that lets you switch between a closed development environment and the launch environment with one click. This lets us achieve easy improvements for post-release brush-ups and version management.