From planning and implementation to post-launch maintenance support

We will assist in your implementation of Sales Cloud by Salesforce or Kintone by Cybozu.

Salesforce Implementation Support

We will propose solutions utilizing Salesforce.

We provide proposal and planning consulting and configuration support for adopting Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 customer management system in terms of market share.

At TAMSAN, we’ve adopted Salesforce as a key system in wide-ranging projects, including B2C member site construction, B2B customer portals, and business system development, among others.
We leverage this knowhow to provide Salesforce implementation support as a tool to address your business needs.

We prepare proposals to prioritize standard functions and keep development to a minimum and manage KPIs via dashboards and reports.

In order to minimize development man-hours and achieve a speedy launch, we prioritize the satisfaction of requirements that use standard functions.
We can meet most requirements through development. Even a certain function is thought to be essential for the implementation phase, it often comes to light during actual use that some functions go unused, or that completely different functions are needed.
In anticipation of this, our proposals suggest designs that maximize the use of standard functions so you can move to the post-launch management phase as quickly as possible.

We offer active utilization of dashboard and report functions so you can check the progress of routine operations, sales, and marketing activities at any time.
Prior to installation, we’ll explain the configuration methods and provide you with support so that your staff can set up simple configurations and prepare new reports.

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Kintone Implementation Support

We Offer Speedy And Flexible Business Applications.

The appeal of Kintone by Cybozu is the ease of setup and flexible customization.
In cases where we simply put Excel data into the system, it is not rare for setup to be completed in roughly half of a day.

For example, right after an initial interview you can use the actual interface on a trial basis prior to configuration and development.
By getting a feel for how it is actually used, you can ensure that all of your questions and concerns have been addressed and get an immediate sense of the benefits of going digital.

With ample plugins and more than 50 free templates, you can test drive many different functions.
It goes without saying, we can also outfit your project with fully customized functions based on your requests.

We can help you design and implement optimal systems for data management.

While setup is easily accomplished, if one proceeds to operation too hastily with improper database design, it is possible to end up in an unrecoverable situation for several months after launch.

At TAMSAN, armed with the knowhow gained through our experience in implementation and management, we can conduct overall system design optimized for your needs and provide implementation support to ensure no tedious workflows arise in the post-launch stage.
After implementation, we can propose and set up configurations using reporting functions so that you can check KPIs at any time, enabling you to assess business activities from day to day.

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