Liberation from Paper and
Excel-Based Management

Securely transmit only the most appropriate information from regional headquarters to other countries.

In addition to systematizing Excel data,
we can quickly develop systems to contribute to operational improvements, including coordination with key and existing systems.


Our Solutions for Issues Facing Regional Headquarters

Singapore is the home of many companies’ Asia/Oceania regional headquarters, which are in charge of overseeing group companies and sales distributors in nearby countries.

While these companies carry out important roles and operations, it is not rare for inventory and pricing information, technical knowhow, product information, and other important information to be shared and managed using Excel or on paper.

In most cases management of information flows from the Japanese head office, to the regional headquarters, and then to individual countries in Asia.
Coordination between operations and systems has been poor because of issues such as the following:
・difficulty in coordinating systems with Japanese head office
・adopting a system for use in Singapore but not knowing from where to begin
・wanting to make improvements, but having too little time for research and design

TAMSAN’s Approach

Even when an expansive system has been designed and developed, it is not uncommon for the actual operations of a system to be out of step with actual business, rendering it unwieldy and unable to fulfill its role in attaining operational improvements.

TAMSAN emphasizes the idea of “systems that evolve with use.” The first thing is to develop the necessary minimum functions and begin using them. In many cases it is only then that it becomes clear what functions are truly necessary, what can be improved, and what the needs are onsite.
This also has the benefits of ensuring that onsite staff have a chance as soon as possible to get a true feeling for the benefits of implementing the system and generating forward-looking opinions regarding continued improvements.

Leveraging Sales Cloud by Salesforce and Kintone by Cybozu

For speedy system launch, we recommend using Salesforce or Kintone. In addition to reducing the number of man-hours spent in the initial development environment and enhancing information security, these can be configured to adapt flexibly to future system expansion.

To provide this service, we will conduct an interview about the current status, identify the issues, and design an overall business system before proceeding with development and production. In addition to system launch and development to coordinate with key and existing systems, we can provide support in everything from SOP preparation to post-launch maintenance and improvement.


Light Plan SGD7K
(one month)

We conduct an interview, design, and setup without development.
After the interview, we introduce the trial environment. We then make adjustments based on your feedback to complete delivery.

  • Face-to-face MTG : 4 times
  • Reports settings : 5 types
  • e.g. Daily report system, Sales activity management...etc.
Standard SGD12K
(two months)

We develop form output functions and carry out work for migration of existing data. After the interview and design, you can use the trial environment during the development period. We then make adjustments based on your feedback to complete delivery.

  • Face-to-face MTG : 6 times
  • From generation : 3 types
  • Reports settings : 5 types
Coordination With Existing
/Key Systems SGD25K
(three to four months)

In addition to what is included in the light and standard plans, we implement coordination with existing key systems.
Further, we also develop original screens for code authentication and carry out other customizations according to your needs.

  • Weekly face-to-face MTG
  • Operation system integration
  • Web form integration...etc.
Business System Launch
/Customer Portal Site Development

In line with business system launch, we build information reference sites necessary for verification of customers and the like.

  • e.g. Inventory system as member-site
  • e.g. Jobs management system
  • *Contact for quote
Maintenance Agreement
/Management Enhancement Support

We’ll commit to monthly running hours and the time until commencing work and set up regular meetings on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • e.g. 8 person-day/month & monthly PDCA MTG = SGD1,600~