Digital Marketing Support

From Strategy Consultation
to Implementation
For Singapore and Asian countries, or inbound marketing for Japan.


Providing Solutions as Your Partner in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing keeps getting more and more complicated with the accelerating pace of technology and the continued expansion of the field.
With advertisement postings, social media, CRM utilizations, marketing automation, and chatbots, it’s not easy to survey the many options available and produce the optimal overall picture.
We always provide the latest and best methods for solutions according to the project phase and budget, without losing sight of the ultimate marketing objectives.


Marketing Objectives
and Strategy

We’ll compile the background and status information necessary to position your project and develop your strategy.

  • Analysis of existing customer data
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Brand-positioning analysis
  • Formulation of marketing objectives and strategy
Overall Digital Strategy

We’ll formulate KPIs and optimal tools and draft a detailed data strategy in line with your objectives and strategy.

  • Communication strategy
  • Creation of “customer journey”
  • Data collection and operations strategy
  • Formulation of marketing indicators
  • Advertisement distribution planning
Production and Development

Based on the strategy, we’ll produce optimal content for your target demographics and markets and develop a highly-scalable system.

  • Localization(cooperation with international partners)
  • Production based on business phase, development volume planning
  • System planning accounting for data usage and future expansion of business and projects

We attract customers by launching our work products and posting online advertisements, among other things. During the term of our services, we regularly gauge effectiveness and optimize advertising plans and work products as necessary.

  • Implementation of weekly and monthly reporting
  • Improvement of strategies according to progress in attaining KPIs
  • 24-hour system monitoring, log management → avoidance of critical situations
PDCA, Next-Stage Strategy Planning

We conduct a comprehensive strategy debriefing including assessment of the target achievement rate to identify the strategies that should be continued and those that need improvement to strategy planning for the next stage.

  • Gauging the effectiveness of various strategies
  • Reporting using CRM tools, support in transition to operation phase
  • Verification of divergence between STP forecasts and results, etc.