Focusing on implementing digital promotions and branding,
we provide comprehensive digital marketing support and consulting for PENTEL’s brand in Singapore.

Starting from a blank slate in terms of digital strategy, we’ve been in charge of launching and operating social media accounts and developing campaign sites, as well as the company’s own site, as part of our comprehensive digital marketing support and consulting services.



Focusing on continuous branding activities and new product promotion geared towards end consumers,

we carried out routine management and monthly efficacy reviews for social media on Facebook and Instagram, and implemented campaigns on a regular basis in conjunction with new products launches while working through the PDCA cycle. We’ve also helped in digital strategy and planning to continuously enhance brand engagement among end consumers.

Comprehensive Digital Strategy Planning

We ensure that all project members are on the same page in their understanding of the strategies that are needed at any given time.

Since launching a Facebook page in 2013, through launching an Instagram account and producing a campaign site, corporate site, advertorial media blogs, depending on the phase of digital marketing, we’ve launched and continue to manage a copious number of media projects.

Separately from digital marketing, we’ve regularly implemented offline events and outdoor advertising. With all the many people involved in marketing projects, it is critically important to ensure shared awareness of the strategies and purposes of different plans.

In front of this backdrop, to ensure we don’t lose sight of our purpose of digital strategy management that produces stable results, we’ve created a “customer journey” and shared it with all project members.
We’ve created an environment that allows us to recalibrate the purposes of each strategy, and to take a step back to consider where the most important strategies are.

Social Media Management

Facebook Page Management and Monthly Reporting

While maintaining ongoing contact with end consumers, we manage the Facebook book page with the aim of enhancing brand engagement.
We’ve been providing ongoing support ever since the support and consulting work during initial outfitting of management systems after page launch, through implementation of advertising plans, monthly reviews, kaizen meetings, and more.
In 2016 we launched an Instagram account and have since been showcasing both photos of art made using PENTEL products, as well as product photos.

PENTEL デジタルマーケティング全般コンサルティング・サポート
PENTEL デジタルマーケティング全般コンサルティング・サポートモバイル用画像

Owned Media

Corporate Site Showcasing All Products Designed in Line With Brand Image

Precisely because the site is a simple corporate site including news, a company introduction, product information, and a contact form, we fussed over the details to create a site design that embodies the brand image. The finished site makes ample use of illustrations.

Illustration Blog Showcasing PENTEL Products and Brand

To teach customers about the PENTEL’s products and brand, such as existence of the Sign Pen, which gained notoriety after being used by NASA astronauts and the president at the time, as well as product manufacturing and PENTEL’s origin story,
we assigned an illustrator and launched a illustrated manga format, which is updated on a biweekly basis with endearing characters and easy to understand features.

PENTEL デジタルマーケティング全般コンサルティング・サポート
PENTEL デジタルマーケティング全般コンサルティング・サポートモバイル用画像

Campaign Sites

PENTEL デジタルマーケティング全般コンサルティング・サポート
PENTEL デジタルマーケティング全般コンサルティング・サポートモバイル用画像

Design, Development, and Customer Data Management via Salesforce

We routinely carry out assorted types of campaigns, from ongoing, uninterrupted campaigns, to limited-time campaigns and light campaigns completed via Facebook posts.

Participant data is saved on the Salesforce Sales Cloud, which we use to ensure loyalty on the basis of campaign participation information and obtained demographic data, as well as a data base for ezine recipients.