Development of Membership-Type Web App for Singaporean Physicians

We developed a Singaporean start-up’s medical interview web app using Ruby on Rails.




We want to provide an app that can ascertain the severity of symptoms prior to receiving an exam from a physician.

Except when symptoms are severe, or there an awareness of symptoms, even when health issues occur, the need to make exam appointments and wait for an examination in a waiting room means that patients cannot immediately receive examinations from physicians. Further, when patients wish to receive an examination by their preferred physician, even more time may be required.
We oversaw this start-up project answering to the voices of Singaporean physicians hoping to improve this situation.


Programming a Physician’s Thought Process

“Many times, when examining a patient, questions and answers can narrow down the possible pathologies. I’d like to see this thought process made into a program.”

Based on this request from physicians, using branching logic and scoring for symptom categories like headache, cough, and chest pain, we designed a system to replicate a physician’s thought process.

CURA APZ 問診ウェブアプリ ロジック化
CURA APZ 問診ウェブアプリ ロジック化モバイル用画像

Implementation of Member Functions

Based on AWS, we implement a member database and release member content.

Ruby on Rails Development

In light of the wish to participate in the Singaporean government’s subsidy program geared towards start-up services, we chose Ruby as the development language, which is recommended by the Singaporean government.