Free WiFi Router Coupon Present Campaign for ANA Flights to North America

We implemented Facebook page management support and YouTube channel
management in order to strengthen brand recognition in Asia.

ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS | Marketing & Sales, Asia Pacific

*The campaign is now closed.


U.S./Canada Route Awareness Campaign

In this campaign, travelers purchasing flight tickets on U.S. and Canada-bound routes
who applied on the campaign site were presented with coupon codes that could be used for 4 days of free WiFi router use.
We designed the campaign site to facilitate user flow directly to the WiFi router application site.



Promote the Benefits of Wi-Fi Routers

With the idea that our target market would include not just leisure travelers, but also many business travelers, we positioned the convenience of the WiFi routers for business purposes as one of the attractive aspects of the campaign.

Promote the Benefits of Layovers in Japan

Promoted the fact that the flights have layovers in Japan on the way to the U.S. and Canada rather than being direct flights and one can briefly experience Japan while in Narita Airport.

Explanation of WiFi Router Application Flow

The minimize the number of users who would just obtain a coupon code without applying for a router, we added display elements shown for a four-step process between the campaign site and the WiFi router application page, starting with flight ticket purchase.
(1) Flight ticket purchase (2) Application via the campaign site (3) Get coupon code (4) Application via WiFi route application page.

Flow for Users Who Pass on WiFi Router Application

For users who obtained a coupon code without applying for a router, we used Pardot to automate the process of sending individual follow-up Emails during a certain time window prior to their flight dates.

Explanation of WiFi Router Pick-Up

Since the campaign involved picking up WiFi routers during layovers at Narita Airport, we provided courtesy information regarding time tables, pick-up location, and pick-up procedures.