Integrating Cloud CRM & Website

Member Website

“The Best Way to Approach Each Member”

SolutionCreate Good Relationships with Members

Measures Involved in Integration of Member Website and Cloud CRM

  • Manage New Member Information

    By connecting member contents on website with CRM, any changes made in members’ account will be updated in CRM. Hence, we are able to manage members’ latest information.

  • Analyze Members’ Characteristic

    By analyzing members’ reaction toward electronic magazine, we are able to find out each member’s unique behavior and make assumptions on their level of loyalty. Furthermore, apart from members’ behavior, we are also able to analyze their liking and interest through understanding of the number of clicks within the electronic email content and other pages visited within the website.

  • Create Suitable Approach According to Each Member

    We group members with different characteristic based on their likings and interest.
    Then, we can approach them accordingly based on the information that they are looking for on the website.

An Example to Connect Applicants from Campaign Website to CRM


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