Integrating Cloud CRM & Website

Product, Corporate Website

"Follow-up on Users Who Have Requested Documents from Website"

SolutionNurturing Prospective Customers to Increase Sales and Productivity

Measures Involved in Integration of Product, Corporate Website and Cloud CRM

  • Create a Workflow to Follow-up on Users Who Have Requested Documents from Website

    Create a workflow which is to send follow-up emails to users who have downloaded documents from the product or corporate website after 1,2 or 3 weeks. Through this, it is possible to focus on high potential users and eliminate redundant resources.

  • Monitor the Process of the Follow-up. Filter High-Potential Customers

    Based on the time users have downloaded documents from the website, and their reactions toward follow-up emails, it is possible to identify prospective customers. Only those who meet certain requirements will automatically be filtered as high-potential customers.

  • Follow-up Email and Contents to Nurture Low-Potential Customers.

    Email, call and visit each high-potential customer. On the other hand, for low-potential customers, continue to follow-up via email and guide them to visit useful contents provided in the website in order to create a good relationship in the long run.

An Example to Connect Applicants from Campaign Website to CRM


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