Integrating Cloud CRM & Website

Optimize General Function of Cloud CRM for Each Company

Maintain a Long Term Relationship with Prospective and Existing Customers

Each company needs to possess a uniqueness that easily separates it from its competitors. In order to do so, it is essential to build strong long term relationships with prospective customers.

On the other hand, it does not serve any purpose if we are only able to guide users to use general functions of CRM and manage both prospective and existing customers without integrating those functions with each company's marketing strategy or without being able to build relationships with prospective customers.

TAMSAN will approach prospective customers based on individual interests and create brand awareness that is influential in customers' purchasing decisions and create marketing strategy that will integrate <Website x CRM x Follow-up Email> via cloud application.

Solution That Can Be Done by Integrating Cloud CRM and WEB

Integrate Web Form x Cloud CRM Database

By integrating "Registration", "Document Request", "Enquiries" web forms in the website with Cloud CRM database; it is possible to manage prospective and existing customers efficiently and eliminate redundant resources.

Live Example: Campaign Applicants Document Request Free Consultation ...etc.

Show Information Managed by CRM on the Website

Show "Member Information", "Product Information" and other information managed by CRM on the website. Furthermore, by integrating all these with web form, it is possible to manage <Website x Information Managed by CRM x User Web Form> at the same time.
In addition, by connecting members' contents with CRM, it is also possible to update and manage new members' information.

Live Example: Member Information x Prospective Customers Member Page x CRM ...etc.

Approach Prospective Customers Based on Individual Interests

Users' actions at the application stage and inside email newsletter will be reflected in Cloud CRM. With this, it is possible to approach prospective customers based on individual interests.

Live Example: User Download x Follow-up Email E-Newsletter x Specified Content ...etc.

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