Idemitsu Lube Asia Pacific
Facebook Page Consulting,
Youtube Channel Management

We implemented advertising management,
Facebook page management support, and Youtube channel management to enhance brand awareness in Asia.

idemitsu mind map
idemitsu mind map


We built a framework to enable IDEMITSU LUBE ASIA PACIFIC,
the regional headquarters in Asia,
to promote its online branding in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam

idemitsu mind map
idemitsu mind map

Implementation Plan

Put in place a system where resources and budgets are allotted to each region under the oversight of the regional headquarters.

・In light of the budget and targets, advertising strategy focused on Facebook.
・We provided guidance for launching and managing Facebook pages in each region, while the regional headquarters posted advertisements on the pages.
・Regional headquarters periodically provides video and image materials for each region.

Management Optimization for Facebook Pages in Each region

・Implemented advertising plan to increase fans and enhance engagement.
・Implemented monthly reporting. For each region, clarified points for improvement, and ongoing issues.
・To ensure that knowhow is not limited to one region, disseminated information on successful strategies to use on pages for other region.

YouTube Channel Video Content Management and Distribution

・Performed channel management for corporate videos and sponsored motor race videos.
・Periodically released video content on YouTube.
・Built a system for dissemination information from the regional headquarters to be put to use for marketing in each region.