Mobile Healthcare Application

Areas of Mobile Healthcare that require user's point of view (patient's point of view)

Cloud x Mobile x Patient/User's Point of View

With the rapid development of Cloud technology and major growth in the use of smartphones and tablets, medical areas such as self-medical checkup and home healthcare have been affected, hence the need to integrate between mobile healthcare and Web native applications.

While developing mobile healthcare applications, instead of focusing on doctors and nurses' point of views like before, there has been a huge demand for applications to be developed based on patients' point of views.

We at TAMSAN use our vast knowledge of computers to meet universal usability standards and support those who are involved in mobile healthcare by developing relevant mobile healthcare applications.

Changing the preconceived idea and focusing on user/patient's point of view

User Testing

In the development of medical healthcare application, usability matters more than the structure.

This is because there are many cases where general users and mobile healthcare users have different health status and their perception on purpose of using the mobile healthcare application is very different too.

After gaining mobile healthcare user's insight, one effective way to develop an useful application or website is to carry out user testing.

In TAMSAN, we use eye tracking to observe eye movement and create smartphone/tablet application mockups for user testing in our development phase.

Based on the result obtained from user testing, it is possible to create optimal user experience design and usability.
Some result examples:
- General users find that navigation is not very user-friendly
- Design should emphasize on huge font size


Using Creative Planning in creating possible user scenes

Context/Scenario/UI Design

TAMSAN creates user flow by identifying the purpose of an application, possible use of scenes in different situations and actions that occur after information is retrieved.

We create as many assumptions as possible to identify repetitive content that mean high-priority content, user actions that lead to certain mobile functions/content and understand types of content to be used in mobile applications to make users less stressful.


Integration Between Mobile Healthcare x Cloud Database

Those involved in a project are able to safely access to latest data anytime, anywhere

CRM system (system to manage customer information) such as Salesforce.com is being used to integrate with mobile healthcare application development.

Data gathered from mobile healthcare application will be stored in a customized CRM. Therefore, it is essential to develop Cloud application that links both of these together.

During the development stage, we make assumptions on scenes and think of ways to integrate between these scenes and data.
By doing so, we are able to prevent big amendments to the application after it has been launched into the market.

TAMSAN applies the experience gained from developing web application and Cloud CRM application to make sure operation is carried out smoothly even when developing mobile healthcare applications.


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