Integrating Cloud CRM & Website

Integrate Project Information x Enquiry Information

SolutionIncrease Efficiency in the Backend of a Business or Sales

Measures Involved in Integration of Project Information, Enquiry Information and Cloud CRM

  • Combine Multiple Databases to Save Time and Hassle of Typing Information Manually Into the System

    It is possible to connect project information and person-in-charge with users’ enquiry in order to save time and hassle of typing information manually into the system and manage more than 2 information at one go.

  • Update on Business Sales

    When the enquiry is stored into CRM, the person-in-charge will be alerted and this can will help improve the workflow of business sales. The person-in-charge can then approach and contact the user who made the enquiry on a regular basis.

  • Identify Users’ Level of Interest by Monitoring Their Actions

    Send follow-up emails for the user who have made an enquiry in order to prompt the user to visit the website. Afterwards, we are able to monitor the user’s actions while visiting the website and identify user’s level of interest. By doing this, unnecessary approaches will be eliminated and increase sales productivity.

An Example to Connect Applicants from Campaign Website to CRM


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