Integrating Cloud CRM & Website

Campaign Website

“Build a Positive Relationship with Applicant”

SolutionIncrease Applicant Loyalty

Measures Involved in Integration of Campaign Website and Cloud CRM

  • Manage Applicants’ Information

    Web application forms in campaign websites can easily be integrated into CRM. Capture information filled in campaign form, such as applicant information and date of application. Manage all of the information at the same time by using CRM.

  • Guide Applicants to Exclusive Content Page x Social Media

    Guide applicants to exclusive content page and make use of social media to advertise campaign. The campaign will be widely spread using social networks and this will increase the probability for applicants to win the campaign.
    Through this, we are able to use CRM to keep track of the actions performed by applicants after their application.

  • Dateline, Result Announcement, Update Applicant Information

    Constantly update applicants on dateline, result announcement and other information. Even after the campaign is over, continue to add useful contents to website, connect with applicants through follow-up emails and make use of social media to increase applicants’ loyalty in the long run.

An Example to Connect Applicants from Campaign Website to CRM


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