TAMSAN is a partner-style Web Production.

TAMSAN charges ahead for its accomplishment with the clients through absolute understanding for the users including local market and its high project management ability.

Sharing Marketing Strategy

To share the client's business strategy and market conditions.

In order to strive towards the same goal as a partner, it is necessary to share the client's business strategy and market conditions. At TAMSAN, a hearing is conducted based on the following points, where the client's marketing strategy is understood, and worked into TAMSAN's PGST framework.

  • ■ Project's purpose --Purpose--
  • ■ Numerical goal to be met --Goal--
  • ■ Strategy required to reach that goal --Strategy--
  • ■ Specific tactics required to implement the strategy --Tactics--

After completing this step, all team members become aligned, and this allows the project to proceed with everybody on the same page.
PGST will become a very important factor in determining the direction of the project, so as to be able to create future action and creative plans. Therefore, we have worked hard to continually verify and improve on the accuracy of the PGST framework so that we are able to offer our clients the most accurate system available.

PGST(Purpose, Gal, Strategy, Tactics) Sample sheet

Visualization of Project Management

The key to the success of a project now lies in the management ability of the Project Manager

The skills required in building have become much more diversified and sophisticated recently, and this requires a team of staff equipped with skills from a wide variety of genres. Because of this, the key to the success of a project now lies in the management ability of the Web Director, who coordinates the team.

In addition, even when communicating with the client, apart from the project schedule, it is necessary for the objectives, goals, and each member's roles to be clearly defined. It goes without saying that the larger the size of the project, the more important the skill of the project manager becomes.

At TAMSAN, while the Web Director coordinates the project team, information on the progress of each step and the decisions made in the project are documented and shared with the client. Minimizing the risk of trouble and unforeseen situations, this provides a highly transparent yet smooth project progression while working towards the same goals as a partner.

The widespread use of smartphone and tablet has been changing our daily scenes of internet utilization.
On the other hand, it is also true that unoptimized internet sites haven't caught up with the motion of mobile users.
TAMSAN constructs mobile support sites with production flow along the idea of "Mobile First " through the perspective of smart phone and tablet users.



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